Welcome to the Chase Residents Association Blog!!

Annual General Meeting Date Change

Now: May 21st 2012 – 7:30pm – Marriott Hotel, Tadcaster Road, York

Please attend and find out the latest developments in your area

We raised over £120 for residents at the Christmas party and raffle

Chase Residents Association Vision for the Future of the Public Open Space is in the ‘Latest News Section‘ – Please take a look and leave any COMMENTS via the Blog!

New Facebook site for fisherman of the pond


Hi Everyone,

This is the Chase Residents Association blog for the York residents of:

  • Mayfield Grove
  • Weddall & Breary Close
  • Nelson’s Lane
  • Hob Moor Terrace
  • Aintree Court plus Goodwood Grove ,
  • Lingfield Crescent
  • North Eastern Terrace
  • Chalfonts

If you live in this area – this Blog is for you. I will post anything you want to promote to other residents or information you think is of interest.

Thanks for looking,



1 Comment

  1. anne leggett said,

    June 29, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Steve , this is brilliant oh the joys of technology. I am very !! new to blogging but I am sure it will be a brilliant medium for people to make themselves heard. Could you write an article about it for the newsletter please and send to louise so everyone can log in and make their views heard. Next Open meeting Thursday 28 th July. We are preparing Agenda so you can post that too.Can you put the newsletter on line too ?

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